We have now fixed this issue so that all reports show the correct data. We have therefore also enabled the option to retrieve reports from before 1st of May again.

We are very sorry for the trouble this have caused.

We are still working on this issue and will update it again tomorrow.

We are still working to fix the report of forms from before the 1st of May.

We will continue to update you as soon as we know more.

We are still experiencing problems with this and will continue to work to fix it.

The next status will be tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately we are still experiencing some issues with data that has been registered before the 1st of May and we will therefore remove the possibility to get a report on data before this date as this data may contain errors.

We are very sorry for the trouble it may cause and we working as fast as we can to fix this.


After the latest week's challenges with forms and reporting, it is again possible to download all registrations in the report.

If you download several months of registrations for residents, you may have to wait a long time or that the system gets stuck. A solution is currently being worked on.

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